Top Biggest Cricket Stadium In India

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India is a country which has given rise to promising talent like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhyanchand, Saina Nehwal. Sports are very important in India and children to play this game with great fervor in the streets of the country, from Gilli Poles to cricket. Along with this, many big international sports competitions have been organized in our countries such as the Cricket World Cup in 2011 and the Commonwealth Games in 2010. There are stadiums in India for all these events which are huge and you will be speechless by seeing them. So, let's see the famous stadiums in India.

Eden Gardens, Kolkata:

Eden Garden Stadium in Kolkata city is one of the best stadiums in India. In a way, it is called the pride of Kolkata and it is also famous internationally. It has been given the status of the largest stadium in India and its spectator capacity is up to 1 lakh people.

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamshala:

It is also known as Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. This stadium, built at a height of about 1400 meters, is the most beautiful stadium in India, where you will find Himalayan hills from nearby. The view from this stadium is made all around.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi:

This stadium, run by the Indian Olympic Association, was the main stadium for the 19th Commonwealth Games in 2010. This stadium has facilities to play different types of sports and its grandeur is made on the basis of it.

Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Pune:

It is the newest stadium in India which is equipped with many new facilities. Here you will find all kinds of sports facilities. It is one of the most advanced and new stadiums in India. Apart from the stadium, you also have a swimming pool, squash and badminton court, bar and restaurant.

Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata:

It is also one of those stadiums where different types of sports are played. It is the largest stadium in India and also the second largest football stadium in the world. Many types of national competitions are also held here.
So when you are in India, once in a while, definitely see the grandeur of all these stadiums and get the experience of watching many exciting matches. If you go to Sheher, do not forget to visit it.
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