Most Attractive Places To Visit In Bandra!

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Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai, known as Mayanagari, is considered one of the magnificent locations of Mumbai. Colonial influences and old civilizations can be seen even today in Bandra. Bandra, known as the suburbs, has many attractions for tourists to see. Let us know about some of the famous tourist places to visit in Bandra.

Places To Visit In Bandra:

Let’s now know about some of the most attractive places to visit in Bandra in our post below

Bandra Fort:

Bandra Fort is one of the remnants of Portuguese rule in Mumbai. Bandra Fort or Cassell the Aguada was built to look after Mahim Bay. Bandra Fort is one of the sea forts in Maharashtra, which was used as a check-point for the sea route to enter Mumbai Harbor. Today, it is known as a picnic spot and film shooting location in Mumbai.

Bandra Worli Sea Link:

One of the most famous tourist destinations of Bandra is the Worli Sea Link, which you have seen many times in Bollywood films. This bridge connects Bandra to Worli. The bridge offers an amazing view of the Arabian Sea and drivers should keep in mind that the fee for traveling on this bridge is 75 rupees (both ways).

Walk Of The Stars:

'Walk of the Stars' is a part of the bandstand promenade dedicated to Bollywood stars. Here you can see bronze sculptures, impressions, and signatures (embossed on brass plates) of Bollywood actors. It is inspired by the Walk of the Stars Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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